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We will contact you if we have questions, to send proofs, etc

You can contact us at info@dashcustoms.com


If your order is more than a standard order, it may require a that we create a mock up and obtain your final approval before we start the project. Keep this in mind since it may affect any deadline you may have..


For custom orders, your final price will be tallied after we speak with you. Please use the custom order form on the HOME page for BULK and CUSTOM (more than adding images or text to online items) orders.


Our usual turnaround time is five business days, plus shipping time.

Orders requiring a mock up and subsequent approval will take longer. A more exact time frame will be included with the mock up.


We will do rush orders.

Additional fees, starting at $20 apply.

Use our contact Us form or call us for more information


We use a secure ordering and payment system.

We mail your product using FedEx, UPS, or the post office. Shipping costs are based on the total value of the product after applicable discounts. Free shipping may be offered on specific items or orders. If free shipping is not applicable, shipping cost options will be presented during checkout.




Custom Items

We do not take returns or make refunds on customized items. We will discuss your project with you and make you aware of any issues we feel may interfere with the final product. We will ask you to provide your approval of our mock up and design either by email, text, or in person. Email or text messages from you, about the project, are stored with your file, and considered the same as signing off in person.

We will make every effort to ensure your project meets your expectations. Variations in materials, especially natural materials like wood or stone, may cause variations in the final product. These should be expected and are not considered flaws. We will correct a problem at no additional cost to you, if your project is flawed because of our actions, such as a misspelling, .We will not correct a problem if your project is flawed because of your actions, such as a misspelling or approval of a mock up containing a misspelling. We will not replace or re-engrave a product because of natural variations, or because the final result is not what you expected.

Expectations and Exchanges

We will not agree to engrave on any item that, in our expert opinion, will not produce a quality result. We may agree to engrave an item if you insist, even though we have voiced our concerns about the result. You understand you are totally responsible for the outcome in this situation, and we will not refund or replace any item under these circumstances.

We are not responsible if the final result engraved on personal items you bring to us does not meet your expectations. We will try to correct an issue you have with the outcome, but we will not replace the item or reimburse you for the item, unless the result is due to our actions. We will determine if the result is due to our actions. Our limit of liability for any item we chose to reimburse or replace is limited to the current value of the item or $50, whichever is less.

We reserve the right to exchange a like item for something you order from our website, as long as it does not affect the outcome of the product. For example, a photo on our site might show an engraved Ball Mason Jar but we may use a Kerr Mason Jar instead. The brand of jar does not change the engraving. However, we will not substitute a clear mason jar if you selected a blue one. We would contact you first.

Expedited Orders

We make every effort to ensure your order is done correctly and on time. Our regular turn around time is 5 business days, not including shipping time. This does not apply to larger or more complicated projects.We are not responsible for orders delayed because of  extensive mock up reviews, multiple changes, or  new requirements. We are not responsible for orders delayed because of a supplier. Our limit of liability, if we caused a delay, is limited to returning any rush order fee paid by the customer for expedited service.


Sharing Your Information

We do NOT share your information with anyone. We do not sell your information to anyone. We do not provide marketing information to anyone. Keeping your information private is our number one priority!

We will use your email address or phone number to contact you about your order, when necessary.

We do not send unsolicited emails. You may be asked if you want to receive special offers from us via email.

If you chose not to receive offers, we will not send them.

Protecting Your Information

We use the latest encryption software to protect your information. Credit card transactions and transmissions are secure and protected by one of the largest banks in the U.S.

Retaining Your Information

We keep copies of the photo you give us, plus all of your contact information that goes with it. This way, we can recreate you order or create an additional project for you without starting from scratch. Otherwise, we would have to charge a set up fee for every project.

We also take pictures of our completed projects. We will ask your permission to use projects containing personal images, names, or dates that we have engraved for you. We do not use your image on our website or in our advertising without asking first.  We may post your project on our website or other social media. If so, we remove any identifying information.


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